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Where we come from - and where we aim to be

Collaboration & communication with partners are key

Jarola has its roots with Wildkamp, a leading technical wholesaler since 1972. Over the years, Wildkamp has grown into a dynamic business with 45 branches, where the working environment still feels like a family-owned business. The ongoing success is attributed, in part, to the working method in which collaboration and communication are key. This working method also serves as Jarola’s point of departure.

Establishing connections through the ‘client-based train of thought’

Jarola is a trade platform that establishes connections with and between market parties, in an innovative manner, so they can help each other. In this respect we look at the entire chain, from the producer to the end client. In this respect, the outdated ‘transaction-based train of thought’ − aimed exclusively at procurement and sales − makes way for the ‘client-based train of thought’. We aren’t merely interested in the success of the moment, but specifically in the longer term success.

Providing added value, together

We go in search of ways to preserve relationships with clients, shoulder to shoulder with our partners. It is essential in this regard for each party to bring in its own knowledge and experience. Under the motto, the best of different worlds, we want to combine forces to offer a complete selection with unique added value.

The Jarola model

The Jarola model focuses on the creation of a common playing field. A playing field in which producers and other suppliers (S) gain access to new sales channels (C), both physical and digital, as partners. These sales channels reveal a world of potential buyers (B) to the partners. In this dynamic situation, Jarola serves as the connecting link.


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