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Successful business cases

‘Distinctive business concepts lay the foundation’

The foundation on which Jarola’s activities is based, consists of recognisable business concepts, each providing its own specific form of added value. These concepts are interconnected. Together they form a complete platform, allowing us to serve buyers so well that they become clients.

Wildkamp: a strong (classic) retail concept

As a specialised technical company, Wildkamp is an experienced partner for the enterprising entrepreneur, and it has a wide range of products available for water, electricity and air. Apart from a very extensive range of products, the company is also known for its low-threshold and expert personal advice. Entirely in line with Jarola’s idea of connecting, the stores are designed in a way that is highly focused on meetings between visitors, the sharing of professional know-how, and the supply of product solutions. A highly accessible digital platform, in the form of a well-considered website and webshop, is available in addition to the physical sales points.

Jarola Sales: an effective technical wholesale concept

Jarola Sales serves larger market parties that have a structural need for a comprehensive range of products, where water, electricity and air form the basis. For this client category, Jarola Sales provides complete support in the purchasing process, as well as solid account management. Clients constantly experience the added value associated with flexibility, availability, and economies of scale.\r\n

Jarola Sales: a tried and tested network concept

Over the years, we have acquired importer status with various brands. Such importer status lends itself to global opportunities. We are looking for dealers and agencies in the Netherlands, in connection with these product lines. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities if you are interested in becoming a dealer.\r\

Adurolight: a competitive brand concept

Jarola has acquired European importer status with Adurolight. The brand stands for high-quality, competitively priced LED lighting. Jarola plays an active role as an importer, not merely in terms of marketing and brand development, but also in terms of collecting and sharing market knowledge for product development purposes. The ultimate goal is to obtain perfect coverage with the distribution- and dealer network.\r\n\r\

Twickto: A father’s dream and a son’s ambition.

Behind every innovation is a man with a vision. We would like to introduce Gert-Jan de Wilde, CEO of Twickto’s parent company Jarola. \r\nLet us take you back to the year 1995. Gert-Jan is on a mission to find construction toys for his two young sons. “I wanted to give them something with symmetry, that you can add to on all sides. Try as I might, I could not find what I was looking for. So I decided to design it myself.” Gert-Jan sat down at his kitchen table and started designing the toys that have now become Twickto. He officially recorded his designs with a civil-law notary. His ideas are then put in a safe, where they remain for twenty years. But Gert-Jan has never forgotten about them.\r\n2015 rolls around. The idea gets a second life thanks to Gert-Jan’s son Robin de Wilde. ‘My father took me to the Spielwarenmesse international toy fair in Germany several times. We kept coming to the same conclusion….there is nothing even remotely similar out there. So I said: let’s turn it into something big. That’s my ambition now.”\r\n


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