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Over the years, we have acquired importer status with various brands. Such importer status lends itself to global opportunities. Below is an overview of the importer status acquired by Jarola Sales for various brands.

Alba Krapf Hose Carts

Alba Krapf is a company in Switzerland that develops and manufactures hose reels. Alba Krapf is known for its high-end Swiss-quality hose reels for use in the home, garden and in industry.

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Alfa Plam Boilers

Alfa-Plam is a renowned manufacturer of boilers, with experience dating back to 1948. The company currently has more than 800 employees and manufactures more than 160,000 articles on an annual basis. Alfa-Plam’s product range is characterised by a combination of tradition, quality and durability.

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Anrin Ground Gutters

Anrin, which was founded in 1971, is a German manufacturer of a complete range of ground gutters. Anrin works constantly on improving and innovating its products.

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Berthoud Pressure Sprayers

Berthoud products are viewed as highly professional. This is due, to some extent, to the company’s roots in agriculture and horticulture, and because of its more than one hundred years of experience. With an unrivalled product range, in size and scope, including hand-, back- and pressure sprayers, Berthoud has been market leader in its home country France, for many years.The technically superior, qualitative high-end products, are highly suitable for use in animal hygiene, plant care, weed control, garden & park maintenance and general maintenance.

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Dinak Flue Gas Chimneys

The Dinak chimney system was designed for flue gas emissions from electrical generators, co-generators and turbines. The double-walled chimney can be installed inside or outside the building. The system is made of stainless steel and is insulated with high-density mineral wool insulation.

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Fitt Hoses

Fitt is an innovative manufacturer of flexible PVC irrigation hoses for use in the garden, the construction sector, for industrial purposes, and in the shipping industry. Fitt has a very extensive range of hoses, with which to meet the needs of many.

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K-Rain Irrigation

K-Rain manufactures a complete line of reliable and efficient sprinklers, sprayers, nozzles, rotating sprayers, electric irrigation valves, and controllers for residential and commercial irrigation systems.

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Karmat Backflow Prevention Valves

Karmat is a Polish manufacturer of backflow prevention valves, flap valves and inspection chambers with flaps. Karmat PP backflow prevention valves are of good quality and are equipped with a stainless steel flap and OH18N9 confirmation.

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Leo Pumps

With 9 years of experience, LEO pumps offers a wide selection of water pumps. Peripheral pumps, centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, submersible pumps, fountain pumps, stainless steel well pumps and many more. These products are manufactured using high-quality raw materials and meet the quality standards that are prevalent in the industry. The superior reliability, high-efficiency and long service life of LEO pumps have ensured GS, CE, UL, ETL, CB, EMC and EMF certification, and the pumps are also used in a wide range of industries.

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Pimtas Fittings

Pimtas is a renowned Turkish Manufacturer that has manufactured pressure fittings, ball valves, tubing clamps and so much more, since 1977. Wilpro is the exclusive Pimtas importer for the Benelux.

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RIV Valves

RIV was founded in 1950 and is a reliable partner for the supply of technical valves, ball valves and fittings, with a production capacity of more than 70,000 units a day, and a global distribution network.

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Orlanski Pellet Stoves

Orlanski manufactures biomass boiler systems. The wide selection of Orligno boilers can be fired using wooden blocks and wooden pellets, among other things, and are suitable for heating in commercial spaces, farms and pools. Apart from the fact that Orlanski’s solutions are environmentally-friendly, one will also save significantly in terms of heating costs.

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Roto Tanks & Wheelbarrows

With more than 35 years of experience, ROTO is exceptionally skilled in the manufacture of wheelbarrows and plastic articles for the disposal and storage of rainwater. The use of polyethylene in the ROTO water tanks and rainwater tanks ensures that the tanks have a long service life and that they are 100% recyclable and resistant to low and high temperatures. The wheelbarrows are also manufactured from polyethylene, making them incredibly strong, yet light and easy to use. These excellent properties make the wheelbarrows highly suitable for use in the agricultural sector, the construction sector and in landscaping.

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TUFX Wheelbarrows

The exceptionally strong Tufx wheelbarrows are known for their quality, durability and reliability. The Canadian company with Dutch roots, manufactures indestructible wheelbarrows in-house, in line with European quality standards, and sells them in North America and Europe. Tufx wheelbarrows consistently score best in strength tests.

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Unidelta Couplers

Unidelta is a manufacturer of KIWA-certified PP couplers for PE pipes. Unidelta was founded in 1973.

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Unifit Couplers

Unifit couplers are a line of PP couplers (without KIWA certification) for the PE pipes that we manufacture in-house. Unifit couplers are sold in various do-it-yourself chains in the Netherlands.

WaStop Backflow Prevention Valves

The Swedish WaStop is a manufacturer specialised in unique highly effective backflow prevention valves. With WaStop you can feel safe and protected with backflow prevention in place.

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