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Jarola Sales: an effective technical wholesale concept

About Jarola Sales

Jarola Sales serves larger market parties that have a structural need for a comprehensive range of products, where water, electricity and air form the basis. For this client category, Jarola Sales provides complete support in the purchasing process, as well as solid account management. Clients constantly experience the added value associated with flexibility, availability, and economies of scale.

Importer status

Over the years, we have acquired importer status with various brands. Such importer status lends itself to global opportunities. We are looking for dealers and agencies in the Netherlands, in connection with these product lines. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities if you are interested in becoming a dealer.

Importer status

Contact Jarola Sales

Are you interested in becoming a dealer for one of our brands? Do you also see a future in working together and establishing connections, like we do? Do you also believe in a market concept in which partners utilise each other’s qualities and possibilities, in so doing ensuring that the collective offer provides added value? In that case, contact us for an introduction, free of obligations.

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